Who is D’Corey Johnson?

Who is D’Corey Johnson? His 11-year-old voice is unforgettable. MEH covers D’Corey.

  • AGT season 18 begins with D’Corey.
  • D’Corey sings.
  • D’Corey sang about Breonna Taylor.

Kentucky’s D’Corey Johnson

D’Corey resides in Louisville. He still attends James H. Bates Elementary School. His third-grade morning announcement national anthem rendition went viral.

D’Corey Johnson’s Breonna Taylor song

D’Corey wrote “Breonna Taylor” for the late Louisville native. Song was released in 2022. Police fatally shot Breonna in 2020 during a bungled raid. She was just 26

D’Corey Johnson performs nationwide.

D’Corey has been busy since his famous morning announcements moment. He sang the national anthem at the 2022 Tennessee Titans game and on Dionne Warwick’s “HITS The Musical” tour.

D’Corey Johnson sings in movies.

D’Corey began singing at age 3. D’Corey has movie credits at 11. Sing 2 and The Loud House Movie included his singing!

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