Love Wordle? Try these 10 fun word game spinoffs

Want to know what the worst thing about Wordle is? When you finish the day’s puzzle.

Each day, a new five-letter word is shown, and fans have six chances to guess it. Maybe they get it right away (yeah, right). Maybe they just don’t get it.

No matter how we finish, the next day’s Wordle puzzle will have to fill the empty space in our minds.

There are now numerous ways to get your Wordle fix as a result of Wordle’s popularity, which led to The New York Times purchasing it.

What is the 16 word Wordle game? Wordle is a game where you try to guess 16 words at once using 21 guesses of 5 letters each. This game is more challenging than others of its kind, but it will nonetheless provide a thrilling experience.

What are the top 5 least used letters in Wordle? The least common letters in all words are the usual suspects: J, Q, Z, and X, and it’s unlikely any five-letter Wordle word would contain any of those characters. Although the letters F, V, and K are rare, they have a better chance of appearing in one of the five available Wordle places.

We’ve listed the 10 top variations of our favorite word game:

Word Master

Just like Wordle, Word Master gives you six chances to guess the five-letter word. Depending on the letter, the color of each letter on each guess changes. The green letters are right and are where they should be. There are yellow letters in the word, but they are not where they should be, and there are no grey letters in the word.

The main difference is that you can play as many rounds as you like. You can also change how hard the game is, from easy to hard.


Wheeldle is like Word Master in that you can do as many word puzzles as you want. The game encourages players to get on a roll and see how many puzzles they can solve in a row. It also has a really cool old-school video game feel to it.


Maybe Wordle is just too easy for you? If you’re looking for a game where you’ll have to solve two Wordle problems simultaneously, check out Dordle. A single guess may solve two separate puzzles, each with potentially different results. One Dordle per day is the standard, but free Dordles allow you to play as much as you choose.


Okay, so Dordle is also a game for kids. Quordle is a variant in which you solve four Wordle problems simultaneously. Practice mode or the daily puzzle are both available.


This takes the popular website Wordle and converts it into a crossword. In Crosswordle, the bottom word of a four-row word puzzle serves as the starting point for the problem. There are several colored squares representing empty rows above it. If it’s green, it means it occurs at the very end of the word. If the letter is shown on a yellow tile, it is in the last word but not in the expected location.


A malicious version of Wordle. Ridiculous exerts every effort to confuse you and prevent you from understanding what it means. The game is designed to give out as little information about the word as possible with each response. The good news is that you may try as many times as you want until you get it correctly. If you’re into self-inflicted hardship, there’s a “hard mode” as well.

Hello Wordl

Maybe the use of just five-letter terms is insufficient. In Hey Wordl, the same principles apply, except that you may use up to 11 letters to form a word. The level of difficulty may also be changed, from easy to very challenging.


It’s like Wordle, but for those who use foul language. Playing Lewdle at the workplace is a bad idea.


Heardle is like a mix of Wordle and Name That Tune. The music is delivered to the player at six intervals of one second each. The objective is to identify the song from the previews provided.


Love geography? Can you identify the Maldives from a silhouette alone? If so, you may want to check out Worldle, which gives you a silhouette of a nation and six guesses before revealing its identity. Your progress towards the correct location will be shown as a distance in kilometers after each estimate.

What are the spinoffs of the Wordle game?

Wordle has made its way into common parlance. A minimum of our 5-letter vocabulary. I’m over the moon about it. Even better, it has inspired a huge offshoot industry. Yet many of these offshoots are obscure and difficult to track down. These are the results; there are now more than 90. If you keep providing me with suggestions, I can keep expanding this article. Just bookmark this website if you’re like me and have no idea where else to look for all these permutations.

  • Hello Wordl was the first spinoff I tried. I like it because you can keep playing, plus you can challenge others. Otherwise it’s very similar to Wordle.
  • Wrodeo is a literary-based word game.
  • Absurdle is a cranky version of Wordle.
  • Dordle is 2 words.
  • Trordle is 3 words.
  • Quordle is 4 words.
  • Hexordle is 6 words.
  • Octordle is 8 words.
  • Decordle is 10 words.
  • Sedecordle is 16 words.
  • Hexadecordle is also 16 words. Weird?
  • Duotrigordle. Yep. It’s 32 words.
  • Sexaginta is … a lot of words.
  • Kilordle is … even more words than that. Like nearly a thousand more.
  • Septle used to be really obscure words, but now it’s a combo pack: a 7-letter word, a 6-letter word, and the daily Wordle word. Three games in one.
  • Xordle is 2 Wordles for the price of one.
  • Hardle is harder Wordle.
  • Fyvaa is 1 word and 5 letters, but only 5 chances to get it right! Eek.
  • Blossom is from the new owners of Quordle. A fun spin on the Spelling Bee format.
  • Referdle is new. Check it out.
  • Lingpal is for learning a language, Wordle-style.
  • Globle is guess the country. Take as many guesses as you need.
  • Worldle is also find the country, but in this case, you see a picture of the country and try to guess based on that.
  • Daydle is for history buffs.
  • ArchiGuesser is Wordle for architects.
  • Nerdle is Wordle math.
  • Framed lets you guess a movie.
  • Episode is for TV shows.
  • Plotwords lets you guess a movie based on keywords.
  • Posterdle lets you guess a movie based on its movie poster.
  • Moviedle lets you guess a movie based on a very fast viewing of it.
  • Pickle is for baseball fans.
  • Poeltl is for basketball fans.
  • NBA Guess is also basketball related.
  • Gordle is for hockey fans.
  • Semantle is guess the word by guessing synonyms. Can take over 100 guesses to get it.
  • Pimantle is like Semantle above, but with a visual graphic.
  • Squareword is Wordle, but as a 5×5 grid, with words going both across and down.
  • Squardle is complicated. If you figure it out, let me know! (A reader did figure it out, too! Check the comments for a very detailed explanation.)
  • Squaredle (not to be confused with Squardle above) is a tile-swapping game.
  • Waffle is similar to Squareword, just tastier-sounding.
  • Cadoggle is a word ladder game.
  • Mathler is very much Wordle+math. Give it an add.
  • Numble is another math puzzle.
  • Wordle for kids is exactly what it sounds like. Get ’em hooked young!
  • Reversle starts the answer, you just have to get words to fit. Goal is speed here.
  • Crosswordle feels similar to Reversle.
  • Pictle is like Reversle, only it uses the official Wordle answer from a week prior.
  • Dawdl is where you try to make as many guesses as possible before solving.
  • Sweardle is for cursing.
  • Moistle will be hard to hear.
  • Lewdle is crudle.
  • Heardle is Wordle for songs.
  • VGM Heardle is for video game theme music.
  • Gamedle is for video game images.
  • MusicVidle is for music videos.
  • Box Office is Wordle for movie attendance.
  • Musicle is like Heardle, but separated into genres.
  • Warbl is like Heardle, only the music is played in reverse. Now that’s ykcirt!
  • Beatle is a lyric memorization game (unrelated to the Fab Four).
  • Factle is all about trivia.
  • Wordle Unlimited has longer words and challenges.
  • WordleWordle is 10 letters. A bit much, if you ask me.
  • Wordle2 is 6 letters.
  • Polydle lets you pick your poison, poison being anywhere from 1–2000+ words. Yeesh.
  • Wordle Archive — head here to play previous words from the official Wordle archive.
  • Phourword is something a little different. More of a mix and match, move the letters around thing.
  • ScramIt is from the maker of Phourword and is a timed word-unscrambling game.
  • Brdl. It’s for the birds.
  • Pundle is punny.
  • Unlockle is Wordle with dots.
  • Flagdle is Wordle with flags.
  • Quofee is Wordle with movie quotes.
  • Bardle is for fans of Shakespeare.
  • Squirdle is for Pokémon fans.
  • Dungleon is for D&D fans.
  • Murdle is Wordle + Hangman.
  • Quizl is daily trivia.
  • Word-in-one is a cool variant.
  • Swordle is Star Wars Wordle. Use the Force while playing it.
  • Invisidle is invisible Wordle. Good for that short-term memory workout.
  • Antiwordle is antithetical to Wordle.
  • Don’t Wordle is similar to Antiwordle, but also oddly much harder.
  • It’s chess made easy with Chessle.
  • Wheredle: Like Carmen Sandiego, but Wordle style.
  • Hurdle is a series of Wordles, all together in one.
  • WordALL is a series of Wordles, all at once.
  • Coderdle is for the techies.
  • Redactle lets you act like you’re a spy.
  • Artle lets you guess at famous works of art.
  • Paintle lets you guess famous paintings.
  • Phrazle lets you guess a common phrase.
  • Marvle is Wordle for comic book characters.
  • Facedle is Wordle for famous faces.
  • Emojied is Wordle with emoji.
  • Housle is for realtors.
  • Scordle lets you see how you did after you played Wordle.
  • Wordle Bot is like Scoredle, only it has just the official Wordle answers included.

What is the Wordle game where you can t guess the word?

In Don’t Wordle, the goal is to NOT guess the word. The catch is that your word attempts must respect the information you have learned in previous guesses. The number of valid words remaining appears at the top, and it will shrink with each guess.

What is the hardest version of Wordle?

PARER (Wordle 454)
With 48% of players failing within the six guesses provided, it is the word with the highest failure rate.

Can I play older Wordle?

You can also access old Wordle games through the Wayback Machine, an archive site that was founded and launched by the non-profit Internet Archive. On Wayback Machine, you can access old Wordles as far back as February 10, 2022. To play Wordle on the Wayback Machine site: 1.

What is the rarest word in Wordle?

Research has revealed that “Parer” has been the hardest word to guess in the NYTimes game Wordle. A study conducted by online gaming site utilised and examined data collected by a Twitter API called WordleStats that has been analysing players’ Wordle tweets since the start of 2022.

How rare is Wordle in 1?

And the first result that popped up from Real Statistics Using Excel (which seemed credible) said: “Since there are 2,315 possible target words in Wordle, the probability that you will guess the target in exactly one try is 1/2315 = 0.000432.

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