11 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Bananas

Here are 11 science-based health benefits of bananas.

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Bananas contain many essential nutrients and may benefit weight loss, digestion, and heart health.

Bananas are incredibly healthy, convenient, delicious, and one of the most inexpensive fresh fruits you can buy.  

Bananas make them an excellent choice for anyone interested in eating healthy. Here are 11 science-based health benefits of bananas.

1. One banana provides about 112 calories and consists almost exclusively of water and carbs. They hold little protein and no fat.

2. Bananas are rich in soluble fiber. During digestion, soluble fiber dissolves in liquid to form a gel. It’s also what gives bananas their sponge-like texture

3. Dietary fiber has been linked to many health benefits, including improved digestion. One medium-sized banana provides about 3 grams of fiber

4. bananas’ effects on weight loss. However, this popular fruit does have several attributes that could make it a weight-loss-friendly food.

5. First, bananas have relatively few calories. The average banana has just over 100 calories, yet it’s nutritious and filling. 

6. Potassium is a mineral that’s vital for heart health, especially blood pressure management. Despite its importance, few people get enough potassium in their diet

7. Conveniently, bananas are a great source of potassium, with a medium-sized banana (126 grams) providing 10% of the DV. 

8. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of dietary antioxidants, and bananas are no exception.

9. bananas are relatively low in calories for their size. bananas may help keep you full by adding bulk to your digestive system and slowing digestion

10. Bananas contain a fair amount of fiber and several antioxidants. One regular-sized banana (126 grams) also boasts : Calories: 112, Fat: 0 grams, Protein: 1 gram, Carbs: 29 grams, Fiber: 3 grams, .... NEXT

Vitamin C: 12% of the Daily Value (DV), Riboflavin: 7% of the DV, Folate: 6% of the DV, Niacin: 5% of the DV, Copper: 11% of the DV, Potassium: 10% of the DV, Magnesium: 8% of the DV

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