‘I'm Going to Call it Quits': Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill Says He Will Retire After Current Contract Expire

If the Miami Dolphins want to win a Super Bowl while wide receiver Tyreek Hill is on the roster, they now have a timetable for how much longer they have left.

NBC Sports' ProFootballTalk reports the 29-year-old Hill, who has been in the NFL for the last seven seasons, says he intends to retire after his current contract expires.

“I’m going for 10, man,” Hill said during a podcast in Kansas City, where he played his first six seasons with the Chiefs.

“I’m going to finish out this contract with the Dolphins, man, and then I’m going to call it quits.

I want to go into the business side. I want to do so many things in my life, bro.”

Hill earned his fourth All-Pro honor last season while also having career highs in catches (119) and receiving yards (1,710).

He says he would like to coach for a little while before moving into the world of gaming.

“So, I really want to get into like the gaming space,” Hill said. “I really want to get huge in that and that’s kind of what I’m doing right now.

I’m using my platform, creating a gaming team [Soul Runner Gaming], which isn’t launched yet. It should launch by the end of this month.

I’m going to just sign like different content creators, different athletes. I’ve just been working that, talking to different sponsors.”

Hill is due $1.165 million in base salary this season and a $19.55 million base salary in 2024.

He has four years left on his current contract, but only two have guaranteed money.

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