Jumbo Package: Nick Saban tells Joel Klatt that Alabama was one of “4 best” in 2022

Things were a bit slow yesterday outside of Nick Saban’s sit-down with Joel Klatt. His take on parity and specifically the 2022 CFP selection made waves.

Thus far the various CFP committees have always had the option to leave out all two loss teams, and they have done just that.

Saban’s point that the “four best” teams aren’t necessarily the ones with the best records is, of course, correct.

Coincidentally, Tom Fornelli mentions TCU as a team likely to fall off this year, and check out his reasoning.

So, a team that played a relatively weak schedule, and didn’t beat a winning FBS school by double digits all year,

was deemed one of the “four best” because they won all of their regular season games.

It was deemed “unfair” that TCU had to play in a conference championship game while Alabama sat at home that weekend,

but it wasn’t “unfair” that Alabama traveled to Knoxville and Baton Rouge.

If there’s one constant in college football, it’s that the narratives ebb and flow.

All of this will become moot, of course, with playoff expansion.

There’s really no reason for Nick to be looking backward at this stage. What’s done is done.


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