McCarthy history speaks to where TE is in Cowboys' offseason priorities

As the Cowboys mull over their roster and make decisions regarding pending free agents,

 they must decide what kind of offense they intend to run.

Are they a passing offense that leans on 11 personnel (three receiver sets).

Are they a running offense that goes heavy on the line and uses multiple running backs?

 Or are they something in between and an offense that uses multiple tight ends?

Looking back at Mike McCarthy’s past could give insight to what the new offensive playcaller intends to do.

It can indicate how he intends to build the team,

 and how he wants to invest resources (both in free agency and the draft).

Using tracking data at nfelo we can see the frequency in which Dallas used certain personnel groupings.

Looking at first-down packages to adjust for in-game context,

 we can see how frequently the Cowboys leaned on 12 personnel.


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