Michael Barrett shares early returns on new Michigan LB Ernest Hausmann

As the idiom goes, the more the merrier. And while that may appear counterintuitive when your college football program is suddenly bringing in established,

 high-level talent to the position group you play in, that actually is the attitude that Michigan linebacker Michael Barrett has regarding Ernest Hausmann.

Hausmann is listed as the No. 2 transfer in the country by 247Sports this cycle, having come aboard from Nebraska.

And though he’s entering a room with several established starters — Barrett, Junior Colson, Nikhai Hill-Green (who missed 2022 with injury) —

 as well as up-and-comers such as Jimmy Rolder, Barrett says that there’s no one in the linebackers room who’s down on the idea of having more competition.

 It’s more the case that they’re welcoming Hausmann into the fold while also taking it as a challenge to improve their own game to stay on the field.

With that in mind, how has Hausmann looked in the early going?

Barrett says he’s seen a lot from him thus far in spring ball and is excited to see what he brings to the table once games arrive.


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