New York Yankees fans react to Yankee Stadium crowd chanting ‘steroids’ at Fernando Tatis Jr.: "Kinda hypocritical considering we had A-Rod"

Without a hint of irony dawning upon them, New York Yankees fans went hard after San Diego Padres outfielder Fernando Tatis Jr. upon his first visit to Yankee Stadium since his PED suspension.

Yankee Stadium goers serenaded Tatis with " Steroids " chants as he took the field. This, coming from a fanbase that cheered on admitted PED user Alex Rodriguez for 12 seasons!

Yankees' fans went after Fernando Tatis Jr. in a merciless fashion. However, the underlying oddity was not lost on a large section of the Yankee Nation.

Rodriguez was suspended for the entirety of the 2014 regular season and postseason after being found to have violated MLB's PED policy. 

A-Rod was part of the New York Yankees' last World Series championship in 2009.

Fernando Tatis Jr. missed out on the entirety of the Padres' 2022 season,

in which the team marched through the first two rounds of the NL playoffs before losing the championship series to Philadelphia Phillies.

He missed out at first due to injury, then due to the suspension that came to an end just over a month ago.

However, since his return, San Diego have continued to flounder this season. 

The Padres entered Friday's game against the Yankees at 23-27, just 1-1/2 games out of last place in the National League West.


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