You can feed dragon fruit to your dog in moderation. Dogs like dragon fruit because of its soft, sweet, easy-to-chew white flesh and edible seeds.

Dragon fruit is high in sugar content and fiber, so eating this fruit in excess can give your dog an upset stomach. 

The spiky, pink skin of dragon fruits is a choking hazard.

In general, the flesh of this fruit is safe for most dogs to consume unless you notice your furry friend experiencing adverse side effects.

3 Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Dogs

Dragon fruit has long been prized for its health benefits. Dragon fruit can benefit your dog’s health in the following ways:

1. Vitamin C: Dragon fruit is a healthy treat to serve with dog food because it is rich in vitamin C, which can help strengthen your dog’s immune system and improve cognitive function.

Of all the varieties, yellow dragon fruit has the highest concentration of vitamin C.

2. Fatty acids: Dragon fruit’s fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-9) can help keep your dog’s coat shiny and strong.

3. Beta-carotene: Beta-carotene, which is particularly high in purple dragon fruit, can help strengthen your dog’s eyes.

Dragon fruit grows natively in Costa Rica and Nicaragua in Central America,

This tropical fruit is now sold around the world because of its taste and nutritional value.


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