“They Ignored Him”: Robert Griffin III Addresses Josh Allen-Stefon Diggs Beef on the Rich Eisen Show

The winds of bromance between receiver Stefon Diggs and star quarterback Josh Allen have taken a twist for the worse.

There is nothing more than a neck-cut competition that football fans enjoy more.

However, only seldom an internal tiff like the one between Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen, becomes a matter of major concern.

Recently, Robert Griffin III went on the Rich Eisen Show to share his thoughts about the whole fiasco.

In 2020, Buffalo struggled with Allen and Diggs’ chemistry on deep passes.

However, in 2021, this setback witnessed a remarkable turnaround. Diggs’ catch rate rebounded to 75.4%. Moreover, the improved connection between the two in 2022 was a significant factor in Bills’ success.

The recent tiff, therefore can have a significant impact on the otherwise super-strong unit’s game.

According to Robert Griffin III, the Allen-Diggs beef is probably nothing more than a personal thing.

 During his appearance on the Rich Eisen Show, Griffin emphasized on the importance of communication and understanding between the quarterback and wide receiver,

 suggesting that Allen is the only one who can rectify things at the moment.

Referring to Diggs’ emotional outburst on the sidelines after the Divisional Round loss against the Bengals earlier this year,

Robert said “They(Bills) ignored him(Stefon). If it was handled differently by Josh Allen and the team, we wouldn’t be discussing it today.”

Griffin, alongside host Rich Eisen, laid a lot of emphasis on putting all differences aside, before taking the field together.

 Griffin also mentioned that the rumblings about the Stefon-Josh beef remained in discussion for most of the off-season,

 and if things go south in Bills’ season opener against Rodgers’ Jets, the situation might get even worse.

It all started when Diggs expressed his frustrations with Allen during and after the Divisional Round playoff game against Bengals last season.

Diggs could only secure four catches for 35 yards on 10 targets and even Allen’s numbers weren’t great. Moreover, reportedly, even before the coaches could come in, Stefon chose to leave the facility soon after the loss.

However, Bills head coach Sean McDermott, who is always appreciative of Josh Allen, had tried defending Diggs, acknowledging that his passion makes him an exceptional player,

per Newyorkupdates.com. He understands how important both the assets are for his team’s chances of contending against fierce opponents like the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Buffalo fans would be hoping that their stars soon resolve everything that is not right between them.


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