Brett Veach speaks about what he expects in the 2023 draft

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General manager Brett Veach of the Kansas City Chiefs spoke to reporters on Thursday after an arduous scouting process (which was probably cut short by celebrating a Super Bowl triumph).

His remarks at his yearly pre-draft press conference indicate his team’s possible course when the clock starts ticking on Thursday night.

Talent in their pockets

The three-position groupings Veach noted are where the Chiefs appear to be set, so Kansas City supporters may want to avoid hearing his evaluation of the draft’s talent.

“I think it’s a good defensive back class,” he said. “There are numerous corners. Every year.

when you attend the Combine, you have a group of men in [Round] 1 and a group of men in [Round] 2, and typically, they gradually move up or down tiers.

Furthermore, everyone in the second wave of corners visited the Combine and ran a 4.3. The figures were absurd. All of these corners are sizable, active, and swift.

The defensive backfield is well-represented in the draft, and the tight end class is intense. There is also depth at the linebacker position in the latter rounds.

Teams will evaluate the talent of the draft as a whole at defensive back, claims Veach.

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