Is Tom Brady already one of the most influential people in sports media? SI thinks so

Is Tom Brady already one of the most influential people in sports media? SI thinks so :

Tom Brady, a former football hero for the University of Michigan, was getting ready to wear a helmet and suit up for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for what would turn out to be his last season at the time last year. Brady’s career with the Buccaneers would be his last.

Before officially announcing his retirement from the NFL, Tom Brady inked a deal with Fox to begin a future broadcasting career.

This indicated that Brady’s playing days were coming to an end, given that he had a plan in place for his post-career endeavors given that he had a post-career plan in place.

Although Brady has already formally retired from playing football, he must prepare to sit in the broadcast booth and provide analysis.

Even though Brady isn’t set to begin working for Fox Sports until 2024, he nonetheless managed to weasel his way into the No. 10 spot on Sports Illustrated’s list of the finest sports media characters in the world right now.

He has yet to work as a studio analyst or call any games in his career.

Even though Greg Olsen has received great accolades from fans and the media for his efforts, Fox is still dedicated to employing the legendary quarterback as their foremost NFL commentator in 2024.

This is the case even though Brady has yet to start his career as a broadcaster. After this season, Brady will take over for Olsen as quarterback, regardless of how well he performs. This demonstrates strength.

That seems too soon if you ask us. There is little dispute that Brady is the best football player in the game’s history, but it is too soon to tell how skilled he will be as a broadcaster.

For example, Joel Klatt, who calls college football games for Fox, or Dan Orlovsky, who works for ESPN; these men are outstanding performers in the media but were never very famous.

Even though it appears likely that Brady will be successful, rating him at No. 10 in advance, more than a year before he starts his job, is an optimistic but incorrect prediction.

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