Josh Allen Sports New Blue Bills Helmet at Practice, Elicits Strong Reactions

At the Bills’ ‘Blue and Red’ drill on Friday at Highmark Stadium, the club’s starting quarterback, Josh Allen, made the most daring boast of the training camp.

He said that the squad will win the AFC East. The Buffalo Bills are a formidable opponent in the AFC East.

Allen came from the tunnel while wearing what might

be described as a “jersey-helmet colour swap.” The two-time Pro Bowl participant wore a red jersey and an all-blue helmet as he took the field during the game.

Because several other NFL teams, such as the Jets, Eagles, and Titans, amongst others, have announced that they would be switching back to their throwback uniforms and helmets, Buffalo may be hinting at the possibility of a “mix-and-match” combination of colors for both the jersey and the helmet.

The incredible 37-12 record that the Bills have had throughout the regular season over the last three seasons has helped them capture three consecutive AFC East titles.

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