Michigan football adds safety measure for players off the field

Michigan football adds safety measure for players off the field: On July 8, a University of Michigan student was riding an electric scooter when he was involved in a collision with a moving car, which resulted in his death. Despite how tragic it was, the situation might have been prevented.

However, it is hard to prevent this condition given the prevalence of electric scooters on campus and how they interact with ordinary traffic; the most that can be done is to wear protective gear in the event of a collision.

On Wednesday, the University of Michigan football team said it would implement precautionary steps for players who want to utilize scooters on campus.

On Twitter, the club said that they are providing players who wish to continue riding with specialist helmets to protect them because such an incident might happen to anybody and that some players use the many electric scooters in Ann Arbour as their primary mode of transportation.

These supporters of the program are forward-thinking in more ways than one, and this is just one more example.

It is worthy of admiration that the group was able to devise solutions that allow athletes to continue to ride scooters on campus, but with increased safety precautions if an accident cannot be avoided and must be prepared for in advance.

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