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Users may read and share unique tales on the free web platform Wattpad. Users of the site may read tales authored by other users or create their own stories to publish. The purchase of Wattpad by Naver Corporation was announced in January 2021 and finalized in May 2021.

What is Wattpad?

The social reading platform Wattpad facilitates online communication between readers and writers. It encourages users to write and publish original works in various genres, including adolescent fiction, poetry, action, and adventure.

Stories on the website Wattpad, established in Canada in 2006, range from those in the public domain of Project Gutenberg to those created by local users who may subsequently distribute them to broader audiences. Wattpad was established in 2006.

Consequently, adolescents and young adults may write with the awareness that many people may read their work. Because of this, children must be taught how to use Wattpad safely.

Wattpad features

  • Wattpad offers various skills that may be used to categorize its stories and other types of content. These capabilities aid users in avoiding content that is objectionable to them or in identifying the specific subject matter that they prefer to read about and write about.
  • Authors who publish their work on Wattpad have access to content categorized in various ways. These tags serve a purpose similar to that of hashtags on many social media platforms. Users are then given the option to search inside those categories to identify the articles and information that interest them to read. These tags have to be specific, and they should tell visitors if the content is appropriate for them. To prevent viewing explicit material, users may add prohibited tags.
  • When you are providing feedback on a piece of writing, you can choose to use the age classification “Mature” or “Everyone.” On Wattpad, stories classified as “new adult” or mature are rated, indicating they are appropriate for readers aged 17 and above. These stories are still viewable by users younger than this age limit. Therefore, discussing with your child what is and is not appropriate for their age is essential. Learn more about content that is unacceptable by reading this.
  • Reading list: For easy access, readers may compile reading lists that include their preferred works of fiction. These are made accessible to the public on user profiles, which may facilitate connections or the beginning of conversations between users.
  • The Wattpad mobile app or web browser makes writing inside the app easy; instead of waiting until they have a computer, mobile device users may write whenever and wherever they choose.
  • When you follow a story or author, you can get push alerts on your phone or email notifications anytime new content is available for that story or author. In essence, readers may read the tale as it is written rather than wait until it is finished.
  • Users can take advantage of this capability to generate financial gain from their work on Wattpad. Users can support the Wattpad books and writers of their choice by giving Coins, much like virtual gifts may be provided on streaming services or via Patreon. These must be purchased with actual cash using Apple or Google Play accounts, and parents or other responsible adults should closely check their children while doing so.

Who is using it?

Over ninety million visitors read and participate on the site monthly, spending over twenty-three billion minutes interacting with the content. Ninety percent of the site’s visitors are between 13 and 40, while most of the site’s contributors are either older adolescents or young adults.

What is Wattpad’s minimum age limit?

According to Wattpad’s Terms of Service, users must be at least 13 years old to sign up for an account. Anyone younger than this age will have their account terminated.

The website Wattpad has a variety of content, some of which is of an adult nature. Because every user has the potential to submit a story, it is up to the individual users to choose which tags are appropriate.

If your teenager comes across any articles that do not have the appropriate tags attached to them, they should report them. Users now have the option to remove stories from their recommended reading lists that contain mature content.

Is it child-friendly?

Children have easy access to specific content categories that are appropriate for their age range while having access to other content categories that are not. Each class, which ranges from romance and fan fiction to LGBTQ+ and adventures, includes various kinds of content in articles and stories.

‘New Adult’ is another genre that contains sexual, love, and romance stories with titles like ‘booty call’ and ‘I Slept with my stepbrother,’ as well as smut stories that involve graphic language and sex.

There are a lot of settings that can be customized on Wattpad to restrict the content that younger users may access, so ensuring that they remain secure.

Privacy and security settings

Despite the lack of precise parental controls, Wattpad has several features that may help your kid remain safe while using the app. Please put them in the same room to facilitate their understanding of the situation and give them more control over their safety.

Please share a story with us: To go between different articles in the app, tap the three vertical lines in the top right-hand corner of each item. The next step is to choose “Report.” Pick one of the justifications, and then explain how the event relates to the complaint that was lodged. To submit, hit REPORT.

You may report a person by heading to their profile page, touching the three dots in the top right corner of the screen, choosing “Report,” providing the reason, and then hitting “Report.”

To mute a user, go to the person’s page, click the three dots in the top right corner, and then choose “Mute.” You may confirm by selecting “Mute” once again from the menu. When a user is muted, they are prevented from following the user, contacting the user, posting on the user’s profile, or leaving comments on the user’s articles.

Users can customize the notifications they get or turn off push notifications entirely. To change this setting, go to your profile and select the gear icon in the page’s top right corner. Tap the Notifications tab, then uncheck the applicable items.

Adjust your settings to suit the content: Click the symbol in the upper right-hand corner of your home screen to the left of your profile picture. To prevent access to adult content, you may change the setting. You may add tags you do not wish to appear in your feed by heading to the Blocked Tags page. Select the Save option.

Please see our detailed, step-by-step instructions for parents to adjust Wattpad’s privacy settings.

Help teens stay safe on Wattpad

Take an active role in the activities that your children are participating in on Wattpad. If they see that you are interested in the same things that are important to them, they will start a conversation with you about what they do on the internet.

When using social media, it is recommended that a family contract or established set of guidelines be drafted and followed. It is an excellent way for parents and children to learn together how to behave responsibly, gain information, and stay secure while using the internet. The following are some ideas to consider:

  • Tell them it is essential to maintain the confidentiality of personal information such as their full name, address, phone number, and email address, among other things. Private If you give them access to your account, you can monitor their actions more closely.
  • Demonstrate to them how to report any inappropriate content in line with the policies of Wattpad. Tell them not to reply if they get nasty texts directly.
  • Have a discussion with them about the appropriate manners and language to use while interacting with others online. They should only speak or behave in a particular manner online if they would do the same thing in person.
  • Make sure that they are aware of the regulations that are in place in the community.

Wattpad – Read & Write Stories

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What is wattpad:- E Story App: Write original stories in your language anytime on Wattpad, read stories and social stories through this platform, and discover and reach 90 million readers and writers. Wattpad connects a worldwide community of readers and writers through the power of 90 million stories. To read original stories and write on them from today, download it today.

what is wattpad
what is wattpad

wattpad – where stories Live  

When you join Wattpad, you join an international community of story lovers. Connect with other passionate readers and writers, comment directly on their stories as you read them, and support the authors.

Because they create and share their own original stories. You can read stories together, share your library, or even create reading lists so your friends can always know what you are reading.

Find Your Story Do you have your own story? Discover it through the power of technology and community on Wattpad. Share an original story on Wattpad and share it with our community. That is here to cheer you on throughout your writing journey.

how to use wattpad
how to use wattpad

Do you think your stories can be block-level? Wattpad Studios discovers undocumented, unsigned, and talented writers on Wattpad and connects them to global multimedia entertainment companies.

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