Quotes from Alabama OC Tommy Rees at media day

Tommy Rees, the offensive coordinator for Alabama, recently met with members of the media for the very first time since being hired.

At his turn on the stage at Alabama media day, he spoke about the adjustment to life in Alabama, what it’s been like to teach under Saban, and how the 2023 offense is shaping out.

It was evident that he wanted to provide appropriate information on the nature of the offense. He only touched briefly on the continuing competition for the quarterback position, but he declined to provide any hints as to who is now in the lead.

Rees was born in Chicago and played collegiate football at Notre Dame.

After retiring from playing, he began coaching at Notre Dame and became the offensive coordinator. He sprinkled in a few humorous asides on their impending relocation to Alabama.

The following are some of the most memorable moments and statements from Rees’ time spent at the Alabama media days.

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