Swinney’s Prophetic Statements on College Football Coming True

For many years, Dabo Swinney has predicted that there will soon be super conferences in college athletics.

Swinney showed a remarkable level of prescience, mainly because the Big 12 and the Big 10 joined forces to invade the Pac-12 this past week.

After adding Oregon and Washington to the Big Ten on Friday, the conference will have 18 teams to choose from when it begins its next season of competition in 2024. The prior year’s meeting was attended by USC and UCLA, respectively.

This summer, the Big 12 welcomed back Colorado, and on Friday, the conference announced the addition of UCF, BYU, Houston, and Cincinnati, as well as Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah.

The Big 12 will lose Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC in 2021. In addition, Texas and Oklahoma left the Big 12 for the SEC in 2021.

The Big 12 presently has 16 players, tied for the same number as the SEC but two less than the Big Ten.

“If we are being really forthright, this occurrence is nothing more than the next domino in the sequence of happenings. At the beginning of fall practice on Friday, Swinney said, “It is what it is.

Where would you place Clemson in the scope of things? This past week, Florida State made a bold statement on its future in the ACC by announcing that it would not be relocating.

It is common knowledge that Clemson and Florida State University have long been dissatisfied with how the league distributes its money.

While the Seminoles have been more vocal about their discontent and threats, the Tigers have been more stealthy in their approach, developing a backup plan behind the scenes.

Does this mean the next two dominoes to fall in the realignment process will be Clemson and Florida State?

It will occur this year, amid the season, the following year, or three years from now. Swinney said, “I don’t know the exact number, but eventually, there will be at the very least 40, 50, or 54 teams.” It will be similar to a playoff, with 14 or 16 clubs participating. That is the outcome that may be expected.

Nobody knows, but it has been speculated that Clemson and Florida State University will join either the Big Ten or the Southeastern Conference. For the two universities to leave the ACC, they will first need a formal invitation from another conference.

When this article was written, it had yet to take place. But considering how fragile the situation is, fresh events are constantly occurring.

Swinney claims that there is undeniably a great deal occurring right now. “Without a shadow of a doubt, there are administrators who keep themselves busy.

It is my responsibility to get the team ready for the game. That is the kind of work I do. I am not one to be caught in things of that kind.

Swinney admits that he is still determining what the future holds for the Tigers. Still, he is confident that President Jim Clements, Graham Neff, and other school administrators will put Clemson in a position to compete at the highest possible level.

On the other hand, Swinney is well aware that in a few years, the landscape of college football will look quite different from how it does now.

He also said, “I do not know what the league is going to be called, what the divisions are going to be, or whatever.” It will eventually get there, according to what he stated. It seems as if stairs are being moved there.

There have been a lot of conversations about our league, TV agreements, and other matters, so there are also a lot of tales and other things of a similar kind.

Things of this kind carry a lot of weight. This responsibility falls on administrators.

They are getting ready. We have an outstanding leader, and everyone always takes stock of the circumstances. Hold tight until next week; things will be pretty different then.

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