What does the impact of Aaron Rodgers do for a young Jets team?

What does the impact of Aaron Rodgers do for a young Jets team? Guests on “GMFB” debate quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets in this week’s episode. NFL #Football #AmericanFootball

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Aaron Rodgers gripes ‘Hard Knocks’ was ‘forced’ down Jets’ throats

It is comforting for Jets fans to see that their elderly quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not showing any signs of being the self-deluded, has-been great whose signature exit remark was “I’m ready for my close-up.” Rodgers may be about to finish his career in the National Football League.

When the new quarterback for the Jets was asked about his feelings on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” recording a behind-the-scenes look at his first training camp outside of Green Bay at Florham Park, he did not seem pleased.

During the American Century championship golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Rodgers informed a local television station that the only part of the show he found interesting was the “voice of God, who narrates it,” actor Liev Schreiber and that he wanted to meet him. Lake Tahoe hosted it.

He was dissatisfied with everything else as well.

The comment that Rodgers made was, “Look, I get the fascination with us.”It is evident that many people are looking at me, many people are looking at our team, and many people have high expectations for our group.

They shoved it down our throats, and now we have to figure out how to live with that aftermath.

The Jets, featured on the show 13 years ago, were chosen to be featured by the NFL and NFL Films this week, just as the president of the Green Bay Packers predicted they would be.

This is because Gang Green needed to meet the criteria to be able to say no, as they had not made the playoffs in either of the previous two seasons, did not have a first-year head coach, and had not been featured in the last ten years. Consequently, the Jets were selected.

“I know there are several teams that would love for ‘Hard Knocks’ to be in their building, but we’re just not one of them,” head coach Robert Saleh remarked earlier this spring during OTAs. “Hard Knocks” is an American football reality television series.

There is an assumption that Aaron Rodgers will be successful on television and that his appearance on “Hard Knocks” will be nothing more than a little distraction and a passing mention of a successful season.

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