Notre Dame to host Northwestern on Nov. 15

There is no information on the Notre Dame timetable for the 2023–24 academic year. However, the Irish have been featured on one of the nonconference schedules starting to be available for other teams.

This means that they will compete against other clubs. After the Wildcats’ nonconference schedule was made public, it was revealed that the first road game for Northwestern would be played against the Irish on November 15. The venue for the game is going to be Notre Dame.

This particular battle is noteworthy because there are likely to be lingering feelings that have not been addressed from the team’s most recent encounter, which took place in Evanston.

A brawl broke out after two free throws made by Olivia Miles with less than a minute remaining in the first half of the Irish’s 92-58 victory.

They were booted out of the game after three Wildcats came up from the bench to participate. Caileigh Walsh, the team’s all-time leading scorer, and Jasmine McWilliams are two females competing for the Wildcats this season.

You can be sure that they will remember this given that the majority of the Irish from the previous year are also here this year.

They will also remember how comprehensively they triumphed over the Wildcats on the court that they called their own. Is it possible for them to keep playing for the home team? That will become clear to us.

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